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Our small village has disappeared. The other rigs opted for 30 amp power & water and moved to the huge, wooded sites deeper in this gorgeous campground. Steve wants his Satellite TV so we stayed put in our field. This morning we crossed the border into Canada for a short trip to Boissevain. The murals painted on the sides of various buildings around town that depicted the early history of the town were just OK.   What was really awesome was our 2 mile walk through those magnificent woods in Turtle Mountain Provincial Park. Now we’re off to our first meeting.


Think log-cabin modern rustic, that’s where our welcome party was held. Our Fantasy staff: WM Tom & Vicky Sprott & TG Richard & Cheryl LaBrake had a very informative discussion about the things that we all could expect on our adventure together. Then we ate! Believe me…no one left hungry tonight and for sure no one needed to cook when they got back to their rig!