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Just about all our guests have arrived. The campground is lovely and we have a nice section of waterfront to explore. Our guests are going to be a fun group, lots of excited folks with enthusiasm galore.  Everyone has been out and about sampling lobster.  Of course, Doug & Linda, our tail gunners and Paul and I have been eating Maine Lobster for 3 days.  We just had to try out all the lobster pounds in the area; after all it was our solemn duty so we could give our guests the best advise as to where to eat.  
Saturday we drove the island to acquaint Doug and Linda with Acadia National Park, the nearest Wal Mart and the grocery store.  But the best part was a wonderful lobster lunch in Southwest Harbor at Beal’s Pier.  Buy your lobster, have it steamed, put on the bib and sit on the pier and watch the lobster boats drifting in and out.  What a great spot!