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Marcy Krauss & Silva LaMay

When we left this morning for our drive to Metigoshe SP we were the only ones “parked” in the field. What a surprise to find a village of 8 rigs when we returned this afternoon. The 6 of us had a delightful day exploring the Turtle Mountain Scenic By-way.  Our hike today included the beautiful Oak Leaf Trail at the State Park. Fall is such a wonderful time to get out in the woods. The temperature is just perfect for hiking, the lake & sky were deep blue and the falling yellow leaves were like a crunchy carpet under our boots.  On the way back to the Peace Gardens (more to follow after Mondays tour) we stopped at Mystical Horizons. This Stonehenge group of 6 walls that represent the Solar Calendar is perched on top of a high hill. As we looked down we got a very scenic, panoramic view of the North Dakota prairie below.