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Polar Bear Express by RV, Tundra Buggy, Train & Plane


Have your camera ready at all times when you’re on The Polar Bear Caravan! Take a look at Fantasy’s guests experiencing that “once in a lifetime” upclose encounter with these mighty creatures





Few people will EVER have this experience. Imagine the excitement you’ll feel as you look across the vast tundras of northern Manitoba, seemingly barren, when you see him…in his natural habitat. The regal, awe-inspiring “King of the Arctic” leisurely ambling across your path. That’s the kind of experience you can expect when you RV Canada with Fantasy.


What’s the best way to experience this? You COULD take an airplane to Churchill. …But, you’d be missing the opportunity to experience the province of Manitoba; a land with over 110,000 lakes and a land rich with history. As a Fantasy guest, you’ll ride the overnight Polar Bear Express train from Thompson to Churchill (RVs remain in Thompson), with private sleeping accoomodations.  On the Polar Bear caravan, you’ll have the absolute best of all worlds…your home on wheels, train, hotel and even a plane, if you prefer! Fantasy is the only tour RV tour company which includes two days of bear viewing via the infamous tundra buggy. Also the only company offering either roundtrip train to Churchill, OR return to Thompson one way by plane.  A wonderful diverse option offered only by Fantasy, all included in your Polar Bear Express travel package.


Your life enriching experience begins at the International Peace Garden in Dunseith, ND. From there, you’ll travel northward through the western territory of Manitoba. By rail, from the city of Thompson, you’ll migrate to the Arctic Circle, to the tiny town of Churchill near Hudson Bay, the “Polar Bear Capital of the World”. You’ll relish the tours and events that are part of Fantasy’s Polar Bear RV Caravan, but the highlight of the trip will be two days on the Tundra Buggy and your close up encounter with the magnificently beautiful polar bears.


Want to know a little more about polar bears? The word arctic comes from an ancient Greek word for bear. The only place in the world you’ll find polar bears is in the Arctic areas surrounding the North Pole. Polar bears don’t hibernate; they are active year round.


On Fantasy’s privately chartered Tundra Buggy, you may see them napping alone or huddling together in leisurely fashion. This is how they conserve energy. However, you’ll most likely see them playing together or sleeping in an embrace. They have well-developed friendships (with other polar bears) and the fortunate few who have traveled to their land will tell you they can be quite entertaining and whimsical.